Newly-appointed Sri Lankan PM Rajapaksa sworn-in


Newly-appointed Sri Lankan PM Rajapaksa sworn-in

After a political turmoil erupted in the Island newly appointed Sri Lankan Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa and his cabinet sworn in on Monday. Where Rajapaksa kept Finance Ministry with himself and appointed Sarath Amunguma as a new finance minister for the Island. And ministers who supported Sirisena during the previous cabinet have retained their portfolios.

Meanwhile, claiming his majority support in the Parliament, former Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe called his supporters to gather in Colombo tomorrow to protest his ousting.

Out of 225 Parliment members 126 lawmakers have signed a petition, urging the speaker to call an emergency session of the Parliament.

On the other hand, Police arrested Parliament Member and former Cricket World Cup Winning captain Arjun Ranatunga in connection with the shooting incident in Colombo which claimed the life of one person, injuring two others, later granted bail.

Political turmoil erupted in Sri Lanka after Sirisena sacked Wickremesinghe on Friday night and replaced him with his predecessor Mahinda Rajapaksa following the collapse of the governing coalition between Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) and United National Party (UNP).

Mahinda Rajapaksa as Sri Lanka`s premier has opened urgent diplomatic and political contacts with the strongman who drew close to China during his previous tenure as president, officials said.


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